CBRN knowledge, expertise and training at one unique location

The focus of the  Defense CBRN Centre (DCBRNC) is to  provide education, training and support in the CBRN domain for military personnel and first responders.

Defense CBRN Centre unique in Europe

The DCBRNC is unique in Europe and the multi-disciplinary team of military and civil personnel assures a high level of CBRN-knowledge, -education and –training. This is available for national and international organizations involved in the response to CBRN incidents to meet their specific needs and improve their individual performance, but also the cooperative response of all involved units through multi-disciplinary training.

Both the uniqueness and potential of the DCBRNC are internationally recognized and there is a growing interest from international military and civilian organisations to receive education or training at the centre.

First responder organizations involved in the response to Chemical, Biological, Radiological of Nuclear (CBRN) incidents are represented at the DCRBNC in Vught through liaison officers. These officers are key in realizing mono- and multi-disciplined (joint) training at the National Training Centre CBRN. Through joint training the most effective response to CBRN incidents will be achieved. In Vught the training & education needs and requirements of the various organisations are met by providing a central place to train and improve cooperation.

At this moment liaisons from Belgium and Germany are working at the centre to improve international cooperation and exchange know-how and knowledge. 

The DCBRNC consists of a dedicated Defence Expertise Centre CBRN, the CBRN School, the National Training Centre CBRN and the CBRN Response Unit. Expertise, education and training are offered to both military personnel and civilian responders, making it a unique facility in Europe.

National Training Centre CBRN

The need for joint training is one of the key objectives of the National Training Centre. During the development of the Centre the CBRN-threat was analysed and a number of settings were selected for being the most likely location where a CBRN incident could occur. These settings include a chemical laboratory, hospital, super market, restaurant, railway yard, illegal drugs laboratory and a complete subway station.

Using these settings the different phases (prevention, response, and recovery) of handling CBRN incidents can be trained in Vught using a wide range of different scenario’s from leaking barrels during transport to illegal production of drugs, and from international terrorism to everyday incidents in and around homes.

CBRN School

Instructors of the CBRN School provide initial and specialized education in the different aspects of the CBRN domain to both military and civilian trainees. The instructor team provides expertise from the field of CBRN-protective equipment, hazard management, warning and reporting, detection and identification of threats, medical countermeasures and the decontamination of personnel and materials.

Defence Expertise Centre CBRN

The expertise centre consists of experts in the various parts of the CBRN domain and builds upon 70 years of research. Using this expertise, the DEC CBRN provides all parts of the Dutch military forces with information and advice relating to CBRN defence. Additionally the DEC CBRN is active in international fora to support the development of multinational standards and assure interoperability of the Dutch armed forces in multinational deployments. The DEC CBRN also maintains a significant knowledge base on CBRN defence that can be made available to both civilian and military organisations to improve their CBRN defence capabilities. CBRN Response Unit

CBRN Response Unit

Finally the CBRN Response Unit is a dedicated team of CBRN specialists that support civilian organisations in the response to CBRN incidents, using specialized detection and decontamination capabilities. To deliver this support effectively and efficiently, cooperation and joint training are a necessity that is provided at the DCBRN Centre. 

Products and services

On the website one can find different  products and services that the DCBRNC provides (In Dutch). These products and services are intended to provide a snapshot of the possibilities, but are by no means complete, given the complexity of the CBRN domain. You are therefore strongly encouraged to contact us using the DCBRNC Contact Form for any specific training or education requests or questions in general. We try to answer you as fast as possible.

The Defense CBRN Center: who we are and what we do

Mission DCBRNC

The mission of the DCBRNC is to be the organization in The Netherlands that provides CBRN-expertise, -education & -training and -advise to national and international, civilian and military security partners in order to react mono- en multi-disciplined before, during and after CBRN-incidents

Impression training DCBRNC

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